Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing: What ARE You Talking About?

So, now you've got this awesome website, but no one's coming to it.  How does your site perform on attracting a new audience? Well, when you drive your digital marketing program with this philosophy:

Presence + Promotion = Conversion

it then becomes clear.  Once you've completed improving your presence, you can work on how you will promote yourself.  It's similar to opening a store - you've got the store, you've filled it with product to sell.  How do you get people to walk in the door?

Our Google and Microsoft Certified experts with a collective 20 years of experience in digital search marketing will help you create a scalable, affordable strategy to bring inbound site visitors, as well as send them outbound (off your site) to your online media outlets so that traffic reciprocates on a regular basis.  That is, people want to get information about and/or CONVERT both on your site and off.

Our services can include a comprehensive solution, or just parts of the following:
  • Keyword Research Report & Keyword Development
  • Competitive On-Page / In-Bound Link Analysis Report
  • web design, web developers, colorado web designers, marketing agenciesSEO & External Links Baseline & Performance Reports
  • Site-Wide, On-Page SEO
  • 301 Redirects
  • URL Path Structure
  • Link Bait Creation and Promotion
  • Blogging and Copy writing
  • Paid Search (Google Adwords)
  • Site Performance Reporting (Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools)

Your online promotions are an important part of your overall marketing program and can replace other more expensive pieces such as print newspaper advertising.  We strive to provide search marketing solutions that are measurable and produce a Return on Investment to you.

Contact us today to find out more about search marketing and how Nichols Interactive can help you improve your online promotions.