Case Study: New England Inns and Resorts Association

Goals: Improve Usability & Brand Presence, Lower PPC Budget

With its quaint seaside towns, powdery ski slopes, and breathtaking year-round beauty, New England is a vacation paradise as diverse as it is vast. And the New England Inns & Resorts Association is the ultimate guide to this storied region.

website design, website developers, travel websites, new england inns and resortsWebsite Redesign: Objective

Featuring (at the time ) 260+ members range from B&Bs to full service resorts located in six states, NEIRA is New England’s premier marketing association for independently owned and operated inns, hotels and resorts.  Our client’s primary goals in redesigning their site were to improve the user experience, improve brand position in online marketplace, reduce their $60,000 per year budget for Paid Search, and reallocate marketing efforts towards improving Search Engine Optimization results.

Beginning in September, 2010, RTP and EngineWorks implemented a professional website redesign and redevelopment project paired with a 12-month natural SEO campaign designed to achieve the above-stated campaign objectives.  These natural search engine enhancement services featured proprietary Optimization Engineering & Consulting strategies, which included in-depth keyword research and analysis, audience discovery, content marketing, enhancement recommendations, and regular monthly consultation with our natural SEO experts.

RTP and EngineWorks (now ethology) continue to partner on improving SEO ROI for NEIRA.  This includes technical improvements to their Drupal web site to keep up with Google and other search engines’ constantly changing algorithms, but more importantly a continued content marketing strategy integrated with social media efforts and Paid Search.

Increased Search Traffic and Qualified Visitors:  Organic search traffic on NEIRA’s previous site hovered around 50% in 2009 and 2010.  This increased 47% in the first year after the site was launched.  In 2012, Organic Search traffic accounted for 85.87% of the site’s overall traffic that totaled 281,695 visitors.

These new unique visitors are also more qualified and engaged in the site.  The site experienced a 35% increase in site visits from 2011 to 2012, and those new unique visitors were visiting more pages, staying longer, and investigating the site. In 2012, there was a 39% increase in Page Views over 2011, as well as an increase in number of pages visited by 2.83%.

Surpassed Revenue Goals
This significant increase in site traffic, generally and due to the targeted SEO campaign, has trickled down to increased click-throughs to members’ sites primarily because of the qualified visitors that the SEO campaign brings to the site.  This primary means of determining ROI for this client.  Ultimately, this translates to a 15% increase in both memberships, now at 300+, and net revenue year over year.