Bringing Your Website Up To Date

Why Do You Need an Up-to-date, ROI driven Website?

You're not ready for a website redesign, right? It's going to cost a lot and suck up all my free time. But, you need to ask yourself the following questions to assess the situation:
  • What platform am I on?  (Hint: if you're in Cold Fusion (CFM) or prorprietary HTML, it's time).
  • What is my brand and is my current site truly reflective of it?
  • How does my current site communicate to my target markets?
  • Who visits my site, how often do they purchase, do they return and how long do they stay on my site?
  • What is my bounce rate? (Hint: if it's more than 35%, you need to do something.)
  • Can I easily change my own content, or do I need to call someone and pay a high hourly rate for them to change some wording?
  • Is my site helping convert potential customers? What is my conversion rate and could it be better?

breckenridge vacations, vail website design, vail marketing firms, website developersHere are just five of many reasons to update your website with a new platform that streamlines your operations, cuts your costs, and brings a new face to your company:

1. Digital Marketing is the New Print.  The internet has completely changed the landscape of how we live and communicate.  Actually, it is morphing as we speak.  Small and medium business owners have a hard time keeping up with the marketing world, let alone the digital marketing world as it changes almost daily.  With expensive print advertising taking a back seat to digital, your website can be the #1 firearm in your marketing arsenal.

2.  Target Your Demographic - Tightly.   Advertising online is cheaper and allows you to hone in on getting your message directly to your target market.  Based on data gathered from any past online marketing efforts, if tracked, can help you create design that appeals to your target market - thus engaging them and keeping them on your site.  Or, define who you are targeting, and segment your advertising that way.  This kind of data helps you determine how people use your site, how they'd like to use your site, how they buy, and many other audience details that help drive sales and keep customers walking in the door.

3.  Search Engine Marketing.  Your website must be found by search engines for it to perform well.  Nichols Interactive (any any other really good website developer on any platform) "bakes" the digital marketing strategy into your site from the ground up using the hundreds of modules provided by the Drupal platform.  Or, we can incorporate it into your current site.  This, integrated with your off-page (off your website) efforts such as social media, business listings, and more can improve your rankings and thus enhance the performance of your site.

4.  Streamline.  To keep your current customers loyal and attract new ones, you've got to play the marketing game and beat out your competitors.  Whether you're driving foot traffic or online purchases, your site needs to be easy for you to manage content on, tie easily into your POS or retail system, and entice the site visitor to be interested in your business.  Keeping up with modern platforms like Drupal or Wordpress keeps your costs down, keeps you up to date internally and allows your site visitors to see your best, most improved side.  Also, they are upgradable - like Microsoft Word - so that you do not have to reprogram your entire site every time you want to freshen it up.

5.  Sunsetting Platforms.  As Cold Fusion and other proprietary code system are sunsetting, and with major transitions in HTML from proprietary to open source (meaning it is FREE), they are hard to host and expensive to maintain (Network Solutions no longer hosts CFM sites).  Your site needs to be easily hosted, maintained and upgraded.  Open Source Platforms allow you to redesign and redevelop your site once - simple version upgrades are performed simply and easily, so that your site really does last 10-15 years instead of 3.  Simple re-skins every 3-5 years keeps your look modern and up to date as well.

Contact Nichols Interactive's expert team for more reasons why you should update your website, and for a free 1 hour consultation.