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4 Major SEO Tips for Bing (Which is Still Relevant in 2018)

Top Tips for Optimizing for Bing in 2018

If your business has forgotten about Bing, this "underdog" search engine might present a prime opportunity beyond optimizing for Google.

A surprisingly substantial amount of search volume and traffic conversions is generated with Bing and Yahoo, which is powered by Bing. 

4 Essentials of the Most Read Content

With an estimated 3 million new blog posts every day, there is no shortage of content with which to occupy our time. The other day, I had the opportunity to review a piece of blog content for a friend's website. It was great, full of insights and useful resources, and I personally found it valuable and relevant.

The problem was that the content was difficult to read.

More Google Mobile Ad Formats

Google announced another addition to its lineup of mobile ad formats. The search engine will begin showing up to four ads for businesses on location-related searches in a “Nearby Business” pack.

"Google announced another addition to its lineup of  mobile ad formats, Thursday, this time affecting location-based searches. The search engine will begin showing up to four ads for businesses on location-related searches in a “Nearby businesses” pack.

Website Speed and Search Rankings

Website speed is not a factor with huge importance for search engine rankings, though it does count.

Google is constantly modifying its algorithm to sort sites based on keyword relevancy and while keywords and backlinks always have the lion's share in terms of weight, more and more seemingly minor factors are taken into account. For instance, take website speed. You might wonder what at all it has to do with search rankings but actually it is also a factor (though with minor importance, to be precise) that influences your position with Google. 

Best Time to Post Videos?

Frederator Networks runs over 1,300 different YouTube channels and generates around 120 million views every month. After analyzing every one of their uploads and gathering as much data as they could, they came up with some helpful info that they're willing to share with everybody. Here are the best hours to post each day of the week (all times EST):

Monday-Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm
Thursday-Friday: 12pm-3pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11am

Nichols Interactive Launches Four New Website this Month

With Drupal and WordPress as platforms, Nichols Interactive launched four website this past 30 days. All four websites feature responsive design, large full screen imagery, search engine marketing elements and third party integration elements like LiveChat, MLS and onlineReservations.

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