Beaver Run Presentation

General Overview

Beaver Run Resort is requesting your information to be considered as our website service provider for We are requesting presentations from development companies. We anticipate a target start date of June, 2018.


Presentations must provide specific responses to all the information required below. Define what you are offering, your strategies, processes and resources. We are also requesting additional services that are immediately available. Describe what sets you apart from your competition.

Required Information and Preferences

I) Company intro including date established, staffing, size and recent projects.
2) Professional Services Offered.
3) Development, updating and maintaining website.
4) Proposed CMS Systems.
5) Solutions and Technologies offered.
6) Pricing rates on all services offered.
Website Design/Development: $140 per hour. Marketing Services $90-$140 per hour.
7) Technical support service and account representation.
Agency hours 8-5 M-F, Hosting Support 24/7. Account Manager is Jerry Nichols
8) Value added services such as digital agency services.
9) Service Standard Guarantees — do you offer a SLA.
SLA for hosting services.
10) Professional assessment of current

1. Too busy. Primary menu, secondary menu, reservations widget gets lost in the side bar. Too much "above the fold."
2. Slide in email sign up is cluncky and gets in the way of what the user wants to do. When I X out of it, I can't get it back.
3. There's important customer information all over the place. Need to streamline IA
4. Max width is too narrow. 
5. Hero photos should go full bleed.
6. All page layouts are too grid-like. This refers to photos, text and CTA's
7. Lack of interesting content rows to present information
8. No video
9. Lack of cues to usher the user


Design Objectives

We want to consider a new look, feel and other improvements intended to increase direct bookings for our website including the following:
I) New striking design.
2) Mobile first responsive design.
3) New photography.
4) Video integration.
5) Group RFPs.
6) Presentation of conferences.
7) Better room call out.
8) Food and Beverage site development.
9) Spa site development.
10) Increased SEO.
11 ) Increased page speed.
12) Reduced  drop off.

Design Recommendatiuons

Sticky Header.
This will improve the user experience as we consolidate multiple pages into fewer, but longer pages. This will improve the usability, especially for mobile users.

Persistent Mobile Menu Icon
The hamburger icon will activate a full screen take over exposing the entire top level menu structure. This will improve usability and consistency between devices.

Add Micro-Interactions.
This will improve for interest for the user which will improve user engagement.
Example would be:
⁃ Lazy Loading elements as you scroll down a page
⁃ Minor animation of design elements
⁃ Mouse-over effects on cards and some images

Full take-over screens for all webforms.
This will increase the focus of the user to the webform which has proven to increase conversions. This technique will allow us to remove some of the exposed webform fields on pages and create a more completing call-to-action button. This will also allow us to clean us many pages ago provide content focus.

Create Unique Content Rows.
This will break up content and improve page engagement. This technique will utilize “hidden divs”for a user to click on “Read More” to reveal additional content. This will also improve the user experience from desktop to devise.  Suggested content row styles:
⁃ Video Content Row (for youtube videos)
⁃ Unique Content row just for rooms
⁃ Carousel Content Row for Specials
⁃ Content Areas over photos
⁃ Text areas with interesting shapes, slight photo overlay
⁃ Groupings of photos as a Content Row


However...step one:


1) Nichols Interactive is our current website developer
2) We currently use Drupal as our CMS
3) We currently use TravelClick as our booking engine
4) $3.6 MM is booked annually on
5) We currently use BlueTent as our digital agency.


Project Begins June 1, 2018
New Site Launches September 2018